How it is done

In case you are planing  to engage our house-sitter service, we ask you to inform us as early as possible.  Following that, a meeting in your house gives both of us the chance to get to know  each other. We also get an idea about your requests, and what kind of pets or property should be taken care of.
All the task details will be written down in a  checklist the house-sitter has to follow during your absence. If you agree to our offer, we choose the sitter who seems to be the most suitable for your situation.
In case you wish to meet this person prior to the start of the assignment, it surely can be arranged.
Before your departure, the house-sitter arrives at the time agreed upon. The arrival time should be about 2 hours before you leave, or in special cases, even one day earlier.
That gives both sides the chance to specify important details.
During your absence, the house-sitter records all visitors and phone calls, so you will be completely  informed about what has happened while you were away.



                     YOUR HOUSE-SITTER . . . .

Takes loving care of your pets                 Empties the mailbox daily

Waters the plants in house & garden    Answers phone calls, takes messages

Takes care of remaining persons        Keeps you up to date, if  desired


                                      . . . .  FOR 24 HOURS A DAY AND 7 DAYS A WEEK !